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I.LOG is involved in many EU-funded research projects: in many cases the Company has a leading role and coordinates the participation and the work of other Italian and foreign companies.

Main EU-projects are listed here below:


SPECTRUM - Solutions and Processes to Enhance the Competitiveness of Transport by Rail in Unexploited Markets (2011-2015) - Seventh Framework Program
Spectrum’s goal is to optimize rail transport through innovative concepts and solutions capable of increasing its performance.



MIT - Metrocargo Intermodal Transport (2011-2013) - Seventh Framework Program
MIT has been partially-funded through the program “Research for the benefit of SMEs“ - Call ID “FP7-SME- 2011” and managed by Research Executive Agency (REA).
MIT’s main purposes are to support the proposing SMEs in their effort to bring Metrocargo from the prototyping stage to a market-ready application, and to disseminate Metrocargo technology in Europe. I.LOG has coordinated the whole project, which has been joined by important European companies from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Holland.



ARTEMIS (2011-2013) – MARCO POLO (EU)
EU project of Marco Polo Program, developed through a solid partnership between Italy, France, Spain and Slovenia, ARTEMIS has created a “smart platform” dedicated to intermodal logistics, with the aim of identifying possible alternatives for the transport of goods through a clear and immediate vision of different options in terms of costs, times and CO2 emissions.



IMPULSO - Integrated Multimodal Platform for Urban and Extra Urban Logistic System Optimisation (2009-2013) - INDUSTRY 2015 (MISE – Italian Ministry of Economic Development)
IMPULSO has proposed an innovative concept for transport and distribution of goods, both at urban and extra-urban level, through new services and infrastructures.



SLIMPORT (2009-2013) - INDUSTRY 2015 (MISE – Italian Ministry of Economic Development)
The development program SLIMPORT – Safety, Logistics, Port Intermodality has created an innovative concept of port, capable of integrating modular solutions with the aim of increasing efficiency of operational processes of last sea mile and first land mile.
Many companies of the FINMECCANICA Group have been involved in the project.



VIT - Vision for Innovative Transport (2008-2009) - Seventh Framework Program
Committed to the development of computer vision technologies for innovative containers handling system “Metrocargo”. I.LOG has coordinated the whole project, which has been joined by Italian and foreign companies and universities.



TECDOC – Digital Technologies for Complex Organizations (2008-2010) – MIUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research) tender.
Part of a program of Liguria Region, Italian Ministry of Economics and MIUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research), this research project aimed to define methodologies to efficiently schedule, coordinate, monitor and manage different operational activities related to the management of Complex Organizations. It has been promoted by Ligurian Technology District SIIT (Integrated Intelligent Systems and Technologies) which is achieving the institution of an integrated system among large, small and medium companies, the University of Genoa, public institutions, research and finance organizations.

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