STRAP – Searcher for Tamper Responsibility in Air Pallets
A current problem among air cargo transport operators is the theft of different types of goods which provokes significant additional costs for shippers. In air cargo transport this problem may be more important, in consideration of the high valued freight. STRAP provides a valid answer to this problem since it permits to point out, record, and communicate main information referred to the tamper event. Moreover, the system has a deterrent function and contrasts the most diffused way of stealing: i.e. by cutting the layers of material/fabric protecting the freight.

STRAP, on the contrary, is based on a metallic grill with a special conductor cable which interrupts in case of tampering actions. The system notifies any circuit interruption due to tampering events and allows to visualize the chronological data related to the theft, having for the first time the chance to determine as responsible the subject/company having the freight at his expenses at that specific time.