I.LOG City Logistics – I.LOG has developed a new city logistics system, capable of integrating intermodal transport with the “last mile”. The concept permits indeed the mixing of different means of transports and the delivery of goods directly into the urban centers.

This is possible through special “micro-swap bodies”, which are submultiple of traditional containers or unit loads and can be loaded, without any change to the existing loading beds both on rail wagons, on road vehicles like lorries and commercial carrier vehicles of under 3.500 kilograms (7,716 lb) such as Iveco Daily, Nissan Cabstar, etc. .

The shipment, in this way, can be arranged for each final destination directly at the origin in each intermodal or logistic center, carried then by train or large goods vehicles, and finally distributed to final delivery locations in urban centers through environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The intermodal transfer is granted by special intermodal flat bases and (un)loading devices developed for cabin vehicles which let the handling and the translation of each micro-swap body.

Thanks to the limited dimensions of each micro-swap body (2.550 mm length x 1.840 mm width x 2.350 mm height), the transfer area can be placed in adjacent positions to urban centers. Moreover, simple parking places can be used for the transfer.

The advantages of the above described logistic solution can be summed-up as follows:

  • optimization of loading, which is planned at origin for delivery route
  • departure of vans directly from the “last mile”
  • increase of rail transport mode
  • fewer vehicles used and kilometers covered
  • significant decrease of environmental impact.